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We’ve talked about Twitter a couple of times before. First I talked about my experience using the platform, and later I shared a few of my favorite hashtags. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite accounts. If you’re looking to follow someone new, please check out the links below.

Let’s note that no one has asked me to do this, or asked to be added to this list. I’m not receiving any sort of compensation or reward for this post. I just wanted to share. Also, none of the accounts are listed in any particular order.


@BrittneyMMorris Author of SLAY and the upcoming The Cost of Knowing (March 2021).

@alexadonne Author, YouTuber, administrator of Author Mentor Match. She isn’t super active on Twitter as far as I can tell. I mainly follow her on Twitter because I love what she does to help other writers.

@neilhimself aka the fabulous Neil Gaiman.

@StephenKing He’s pretty political on Twitter, so don’t follow him if that offends you.

@paperfury Hilarious posts about what it’s like to be a writer.

@Authoralexp Similar to @paperfury.

@ericaverrillo A blogger who posts loads of publishing opportunities.

Agents and Editors

@evascalzo Agent. I don’t think she’d be into my work, so I don’t plan on ever querying her, but I live for her #tenqueries posts on Sunday afternoons.

@agentkristinNLA Agent. Again, I doubt she’d like my work, but her Twitter is fairly active.

@arleysorg Co-Editor in Chief of Fantasy Magazine, plus a bunch of other things.

@inkhaven Christie Yant, the other Co-editor in Chief of Fantasy Magazine.

@ccfinlay Editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


@authormentormatch I follow this because it’s my next big goal and that deadline is coming up way sooner than I’m comfortable with.

@fantasymagazine They publish great stories, and just came back from a long hiatus this month. I have submitted to them, actually.

@fiyahlitmag Another literary magazine. They publish Black speculative fiction.

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