Exercise 4: Applying what we’ve learned so far

It’s the last Friday in March, which means we’ve been exercising together for a month! Today’s exercise is one of those things that’s going to be difficult in its simplicity. We’ve gone over using sensory language to describe a setting, then a character, then using dialogue to describe a character. For April, I want to go over that old standard that most people just call show don’t tell, which is going to build on the exercises we’ve done this month. I hope you find it helpful. Today, I just want to take everything we’ve done so far and put it all together. Here’s the prompt.

Write a scene with several characters. You choose the setting, and the number of characters. Use sensory language to describe where they are and what’s happening, and let their dialogue show us elements of their backgrounds and personalities. I’d advise keeping it fairly short, maybe 5-10 pages, but length is up to you.

Image credit: Ave Calvar, Unsplash.

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