Exercises Sensory Description

Exercise 1: Sensory Description

Sensory description is basically what it sounds like–writing descriptive exposition that appeals to all of the reader’s senses. When you do it successfully, it’s a good way to draw your reader into a story. If you can show your reader a meal they can almost taste, a dreary winter day that makes them feel clammy and cold even though they’re warm and dry in their bed, or a heartbreak that makes them shed a tear, you’ll have them locked in until the last page.

For the next few weeks, the exercise prompts I post here will be about helping you write with all of your senses.

Describe a day at the beach (or the park if you’ve never been to the beach) using as many of the five senses as you can. Try to keep it shorter than one page. The focus should be on setting the scene, so don’t worry about making this a proper story with a real beginning, middle, and end.

Image Credit: Mark Kamalov, Unsplash.

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